Is Outsourcing or Keeping Call Centers Local Better for My Business?

Outsourcing is becoming more and more commonplace in the telecommunications world today. Dozens or more answering services have followed the trend of moving their call centers to India, Indonesia or another foreign company. This is not always well received by potential customers, many of whom consider this type of move to be ‘anti-American.’ However, that does not necessarily equate to domestic call centers being a better choice. The type of center that is ‘superior’ is not a general decision, but instead one that is based off of the desires or prerequisites of the company hiring the answering service Titan Call Center.

Foreign calling centers have many benefits to offer businesses looking to hire an answering service or center. For example, they are typically less expensive than American call centers which means serious savings. This can be a deciding factor for many companies who are using a tight budget. If the company needs a particularly large call volume, they could also be benefitted by the machine-like business practices used in some of these centers. They are designed to be at maximum efficiency all the time. However, they pose their own set of problems. While it is true that they are less expensive, it is not a great difference between the prices of domestic call centers. Also, the conditions are sometimes less ethical than in the United States, prompting a boycott by some. Others will boycott foreign call centers as they believe that they ‘have taken American jobs.’ This attitude can lose some businesses employing call centers in foreign countries valued business and revenue. Lastly, the operators at these centers can be less understanding of the plights of customers or nearly incomprehensible.

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